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First Response Emergency Care Level 4 Training Course

Qualsafe Level 4 First Response Emergency Care Certificate (RQF) FREC4

The Qualsafe Level 4 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care (RQF) training course is designed for individuals with a distinct responsibility in their workplace or within voluntary and community activities to administer prehospital care to patients in need of emergency or urgent treatment. This qualification serves as an ideal pathway for those aiming to advance their careers within the NHS or private ambulance services, preparing them for roles such as emergency care assistant, intermediate ambulance practitioner, event medical provider, associate practitioner, healthcare assistant, and supporting specialist medical positions within military, police, and fire services. With a focus on equipping participants with advanced skills and knowledge, this qualification empowers individuals to effectively respond to a wide range of medical emergencies and contribute meaningfully to the provision of high-quality care in diverse settings.

On succesful completion of the course you will receive a  QA Level 4 Award in First Response Emergency Care (RQF) FREC4.

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The Qualsafe Level 4 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care (RQF) training course targets a diverse range of individuals and industries requiring advanced proficiency in emergency response. Healthcare professionals like paramedics, private ambulance services, emergency care assistants all benefit from enhanced skills in delivering immediate and advanced care, while emergency responders such as firefighters and police officers gain the ability to manage trauma effectively in critical situations. Search and rescue teams, security personnel in high-risk environments, outdoor activity instructors, workplace first aiders in industries with elevated risks, and event medical teams also find immense value in this training, as it equips them to provide timely and high-quality assistance in remote, challenging, or crowded settings, ultimately contributing to better outcomes and potentially saving lives.

First Response Emergency Care Level 4

Over a 5 day period, learners will acquire the capability to identify a broad spectrum of medical emergencies and respond with assurance to mitigate risks and preserve lives.You will develop proficiency in conducting swift and thorough patient assessments, delivering efficient care, and upholding safety protocols to ensure optimal outcomes.

You will learn the following:

Initial Patient Assessment

Gain the expertise to conduct precise patient assessments, taking into account various factors such as medical history, age, gender, risk factors, and vital signs. Additionally, you will develop the ability to recognise the causes of shock and implement suitable management strategies to address them effectively.

Physiological Measurements

Acquire the skills to precisely measure and document critical vital signs including blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature, pulse rate, and respiration rate. With the ability to interpret these measurements effectively, you will be equipped to make informed decisions and determine the most appropriate course of action in various medical scenarios.

Electrocardiogram ECG Application and Monitoring

In this module, you will be instructed on the proper usage of electrocardiographic equipment and gain insight into both shockable and non-shockable arrhythmias. Additionally, you will develop the ability to interpret ECG test results accurately, enabling you to identify and assess abnormalities effectively.

Psychosocial Paediatric Development

Acquire the skills and understanding necessary to evaluate a child's psychological, social, and emotional growth. Moreover, you will gain the ability to recognise any areas of potential concern and offer suitable guidance and assistance as needed.

Emergency Care for Sick and Injured Children

Children, being vulnerable members of society, require specialized care during emergencies. This FREC4 course will provide you with the essential skills to recognise and evaluate the conditions of sick or injured children, enabling you to administer appropriate treatment effectively.

Mental Health Issues

Cultivate comprehension of diverse mental health issues and acquire the ability to offer security and support to individuals affected by such conditions while effectively addressing their requirements.

Medical Gases, Dosage and Administration

Gain expertise in managing and administering medical gases such as Oxygen and Entonox. This includes understanding the various types of gases, their appropriate dosages, and the safe storage and disposal procedures for each.

Course Details

First Response Emergency Care Level 4 Duration: 5 Day Training Course at the Medical Education Group LTD, Ellesmere Port our on-site at your location for 4 learners or more.

Course Cost: £650

FREC 4 Training Course Prerequisites

To enroll in the Qualsafe Level 4 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care (RQF) qualification, learners need to meet certain criteria. They must be at least 18 years old at the start of the training. Additionally, they should possess either a valid Qualsafe Level 3 Award in First Response Emergency Care (RQF), a valid Qualsafe First Response Emergency Care (Level 3 RQF) qualification, or an equivalent qualification recognized by Qualsafe. Moreover, learners are required to submit a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) profile demonstrating evidence of 118 hours of study and/or practical experience relevant to emergency care before commencing the Level 4 Certificate course.

Course Location

This course is offered at our Medical Education Centre located in Ellesmere Port, catering to a range of industries and services, including Ambulance Care Assistants (PTS), Community First Responders, Event First Responders, armed forces / military, security professionals, and individuals working in high-risk environments. Our training services extend across various localities, serving areas such as Wirral, Birkenhead, Chester, Liverpool, Runcorn, Warrington, and North Wales or at any worldwide location. For those interested in bespoke training options at your preferred location, please contact us for further details for our on-site training options available for 4 learners or more.
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Medical Education Group / Qualsafe

This qualification is an integral component of the QA Prehospital Care suite of qualifications. Its structure and learning outcomes adhere closely to the guidelines provided by esteemed organizations including the Resuscitation Council (UK), Skills for Health Assessment Principles for Qualifications that Assess Occupational Competence, and the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care (RCS Ed).

Medical Education Group LTD is a Qualsafe Registered Centre.
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